Banner Year for Colorado Main Street

11 Mar


In 2014, the Colorado Main Street program and the communities participating in the program had a remarkable year.  Below are the numbers which illustrate the hard work and dedication from the Colorado Main Street communities.

  • 139 direct, net, full-time jobs and 70 direct, net, part-time jobs were created.  This is a 54% increase in net full-time jobsand a 27% increase for part-time jobs the previous year.
  • 48 net, new businesses 
  • Additionally Main Street communities created $6.9 million in public investment and $30.1 in private investment.  Which equates to a 1:4.45 ratio or for every $1 of public funds invested, this is a $4.52 return from the private sector.  Also important to highlight is that 86% of the public investment is coming from Candidate communities and 93% of the private investment is coming from Designated and Graduate communities. This is an indicator that investing public funds early in the Main Street communities’ program infrastructure is creating more investment from the private sector as that local program matures.
  • The Main Street communities have also tripled the number of building rehabilitations from 20 in 2013 to 61 in 2014.
  • The number of Main Street sponsored events doubled.
  • The number of volunteer hours increased 170%with basically the same number of volunteers.  That means communities are vested in the work being done in our communities and are supporting it with their time.
  • Between the direct jobs created and the public and private investments made, an estimated665 direct, indirect, and induced jobs were created. 

Hopefully these numbers are a positive sign that the economy is starting to bounce back in Colorado’s rural communities.  More importantly, Colorado Main Street communities have seen positive results because they have made their downtown a priority.  In doing so, they have added resources and support.  By following the Main Street approach these communities have created more diversity in their downtowns, which helps to weather the bad economy and prepares them to bounce back faster.

The Colorado Main Street program is administered by the Department of Local Affairs and is the coordinating agency for the National Main Street Program which follows the Main Street Four-Point Approach® of: Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring, and Promotion.  For more information about the Colorado Main Street Program, please visit: http:

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