What’s the Buzz in Garden City?

27 Jan
Walkability Improvements

DCI Recommended Walkability Improvements

Downtown Colorado, Inc. kicked off its technical assistance program this year in Garden City, Colorado. You may not have known about this little four by four block town wedged between Greeley and Evans, but it comes packed with a whole lot of pride and history.

“Garden City is the place you could come let your hair down,” community members told us. The town was incorporated during the days of prohibition as a safe-haven for bootleggers and party revelers. It has maintained its reputation for personal freedoms and fun to this day. With four major recreational marijuana providers, Garden City draws thousands of visitors from around the nation and from across its municipal borders – Greeley and Evans are currently “dry” when it comes to marijuana. The resulting revenue has the Town and business owners eager to revitalize their community and create a vibrant entertainment district.

During DCI’s time in Garden City, we held focus groups, toured the town, formulated recommendations, and presented our ideas to the community. We discovered that Garden City is a major destination, and although many people do find their way to town, few know they are in Garden City or that there are other reasons to stay. To assist Garden City in communicating its unique offerings and heritage, as well as to create a more inviting environment, our recommendations for the town included walkability improvements to their main commercial corridor, signage and wayfinding placements with a new community brand, and landscaping. (Garden City should look like a garden!) There is a lot of energy in and around the Town, so we also recommended that Garden City tap into the student market nearby at the University of Northern Colorado, involve more businesses through the Garden City Business Association, and engage their large Latino population.

A.F. Ray, Garden City's founder and a persistent symbol of the town's rich history

A.F. Ray, Garden City’s founder and a persistent symbol of the town’s rich history

This is just the first chapter in DCI’s work with Garden City. We will be back throughout the year to assist with implementation. DCI Members may view our presentation for Garden City on our Resource Library at downtowncoloradoinc.org

DCI would like to thank our professional members who volunteered their time and expertise for this community assessment: Elisha Bartlett, DCI Volunteer; Michelle Claymore, Commerce City Economic Developer; Kristin Cypher, C+B Design; Will Kerns, Open Plan Consultants; Michael Tupa, University Technical Assistance, UCDenver. If you would like to participate in an upcoming technical assistance visit, please contact Nancy Sprehn, vista@downtowncoloradoinc.org

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