Lisa Gansky and the value capture in the Sharing Economy – OuiShare

23 Apr

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Lisa Gansky interviewed on the value capture in the Collaborative Economy and on living a sharing economy life.

Heather Garbo‘s insight:

The concept of a sharing economy lends itself well to building community. After all it’s really just what our grandparents would call being neighborly. From the proverbial lending of a cup of sugar to the tradition of barn-raising, past generations accepted helping out one’s  neighbor and community as a part of life, and recognized how much easier it could make life. Just because you probably don’t need to borrow a cup of sugar or raise a barn doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the traditional neighborly values of a sharing economy: a community garden, a lending tool library, car or bike sharing, or “little free libraries” are all great modern translations of this traditional idea.

I also love how Lisa points out that a sharing economy is a great community engagement tool for community leaders, and can also provide a platform for public-private partnerships between local government and small businesses.

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