TownSquared quietly picks up $5.26M to create local business communities

31 Mar

See on Scoop.itCommunity Revitalization for Districts and Downtowns

“Nextdoor gave people a way to stay informed about the happenings in their neighborhood, and TownSquared is doing the same for businesses and their communities.”

Heather Garbo‘s insight:

Employing more than half of the working population, small businesses are crucial to Colorado’s (and the entire country’s) economy. In many small towns, they function as not only the financial lifeblood of the community, but also the heart of the community: they are the restaurants, theaters, coffee shops, and other businesses that serve as community gathering places and sustain a vibrant community life. Yet small downtown businesses, especially in rural areas, continue to close as individual business owners often do not have the resources to compete with online retailers or operate differently in a changed economy. Tools that promote collaboration, like TownSquared purports, could give these small business owners an advantage by providing a way to maximize and leverage resources. It will be interesting to see if TownSquared will indeed catch on with small businesses like Nextdoor did with neighborhoods.

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Heather Garbo is the Director of Communications and Development at Downtown Colorado, Inc.

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