Spotlight on…Grand Lake Activation: What Happens After Technical Assistance

12 Dec

In the past, DCI found that once a technical assistance assessment was completed, many communities still sought additional assistance to implement their community revitalization action plan.  To facilitate this process DCI created the Technical Assistance Activation, which usually occurs four to six months after the downtown assessment and serves as a catalyst to maintain momentum and garner new support in the community. Essentially DCI brings in a team of experts to help you “activate,” or launch, your community revitalization efforts. The meetings also allow DCI to work with individual committees on strategies and best practices, and to give specific resources to each committee. Read on to learn about Grand Lake’s recent Technical Assistance Activation.

Seven months after completing a technical assistance assessment in the beautiful mountain town of Grand Lake, Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) returned with a team of experts to facilitate a Technical Assistance Activation. The Activation, held on the evening of October 3rd, brought together business owners, residents, second home owners, and community members in a packed and lively town hall meeting.

Members of the three committees that grew out of DCI’s technical assistance—the design committee, the promotions and marketing committee, and the economic development committee—broke into their respective groups. Each group had a DCI expert, to talk over strategies and best practices and to receive new resources. Members of the community who had not previously been engaged now had the opportunity to join one of the committees. Two representatives from each committee joined a steering committee to coordinate collaboration between committees and report to the town council as projects move forward.

The Grand Lake committees in charge of design, promotions and marketing and economic development have been meeting twice a month or more since DCI’s technical assistance visit in March. Committee initiatives, stemming from DCI’s observations and recommendations, include rehabilitating the downtown boardwalk, improving signage on Highway 34 as it comes into town, creating a single town newsletter for all events, and building a new town brand.

DCI has found it extremely effective to follow up with Activation meetings after conducting an initial Technical Assistance Assessment in a community.  Beginning in 2014, DCI will begin packaging technical assistance services as two parts to provide the most cost-effective strategy for Colorado’s communities. If you are interested in any of our technical assistance services, please fill out our online application or call our office with any questions at 303.282.0625.

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