Social Media in 4 Easy Steps

9 Aug

Social media can be a great way to promote your organization, events, and projects in a low-cost way. Unfortunately, when there seems to be a never-ending load of work with even less time available to complete it, social media and marketing seem to be the first project to be dismissed. With a little bit of planning, you can come one step closer to making time to market your community or online! Below are four key tips to consider when managing social media in a small organization:

1. Set a schedule in advance. Did you know you can schedule posts on Facebook? This is a great tool to use on a weekly or monthly basis to make social media manageable. For example, if you would like to post at least 3 times per week on Facebook, schedule for Monday’s to post a link to an event, Wednesday’s to post an article, and Friday’s to post any announcements or program information. On the days without regularly scheduled posts, with time permitting, you can read through your news feed and share links that others have posted. (See how to schedule Facebook posts here!)

2. Track visits to your website. This can help you determine which social media is routing the most visits to your website and then help to determine which area you should most target. Google Analytics is a free program that tracks how visitors find your website.

3. Ask all employees and volunteers to chip in. You can link personal Facebook profiles to your organization’s page so anyone can post an update any time and from anywhere. Ask employees to post links to articles or topics they may find interesting to get the conversation started. Have an active marketer or social media guru on your board of directors? Ask them to help promote your organization from their personal media accounts; the more people in the discussion the better!

4. Utilize student volunteers and interns! Students and young adults are on social media all the time, and this can be a great resource for your organization. Approach area schools to see if there are any needs for student volunteer or intern projects. This can be great work experience for the student, and provide an active social media presence for your organization! Be sure to have the student create a plan with detailed instruction for when their service ends.

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