Profile: Colorado Brick Council

13 Jul

The Colorado Brick Council provides free technical assistance to
communities wanting to achieve high quality development, redevelopment, and preservation.  We believe in the strong correlation between the quality of design and quality of life and support the implementation of policy solutions that generate good design and durable construction. Since we understand that every community is unique, our services are tailored to fit the economic, political, and historical realities of each place.

The Colorado Brick Council has a full time Community Planning
Consultant, who is a member of the American Institute of Certified
Planners (AICP), assisting Colorado communities in achieving their
design goals. Our planner has experience in local government,
specifically the development review process, and is keenly aware of
the opportunities and challenges local governments face when enacting policy solutions that regulate development. For planners interested in affordable, local training, our staff can provide educational sessions for Continuing Maintenance (CM) credit for the AICP certification on a variety of topics free of charge.

To support communities interested in design policy, we help them
explore implementation techniques with examples from our best practice research including local and national case studies. Whether it is starting from scratch or revamping existing regulations, we can draft
design guidelines, architectural standards, and other policies customized to your community. To ensure an effective implementation, we provide training in design review for boards, commissions, council, and staff.

In municipalities that already require, encourage, or incentivize
certain building materials, we provide staff and officials the
information they need to make and support those decisions. From
economic benefits to sustainability features, we provide the
research-based facts to aid decisions about the benefits of quality
design policy.

Additionally, the Colorado Brick Council strives to serve a resource
between all built environment professionals and the masonry industry.
We have access to technical experts in masonry production,
installation, and preservation. Our network can provide access to
technical notes about masonry design and construction, advice on
architectural issues, and ideas for landscape design. Contact us and
we will align your issue with the appropriate resources.

For more information on the Colorado Brick Council, please visit

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