Victor DREAM Team: A Main Street Candidate’s Story

9 Jul

The Victor DREAM (Downtown Revitalization and Economic Acceleration Movement) Team was activated in November of 2010. Since then, community members, businesses and elected officials have worked together to strengthen and revitalize the community using the Main Street Four-Point Approach.

Victor is the heart of the world’s greatest gold camp, and is one of the last true historic mining towns remaining in the west. The blast-from-the-past museum quality that fills the air in Victor is a result of the local desire to not only preserve the historic town, but also the historic culture as well. The Colorado Main Street Program has provided a framework that also allows community leaders to identify areas for improvement and intentional steps that will improve our town while preserving our indigenous qualities. These qualities create the foundation that makes Victor a unique place to live, work and play.

Through a creative partnership between the Coalition for the Upper South Platte, the Western Hard Rock Watershed Team and the City of Victor, an Americorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) was placed in the community to coordinate DREAM efforts. As a VISTA, Becky Parham provides support to the community and cohesion between the DREAM Team and the City of Victor. After a year and a half of continued DREAM efforts, the city was confident in submitting an application to become a Main Street Candidate.

As a new candidate community, Victor is excited to continue their journey with increased support from DCI and DOLA. There have been several successes as a result from the community revitalization plan and technical assistance from DCI. The city has adopted and is implementing a way-finding plan, and has made initial improvements to the city streetscape and community spaces. Other projects that are being championed by the DREAM Team include the façade improvement program which is driven by the design committee, the Touch of Victor Events that is held monthly, and the implementation of the DREAM Commission which will provide better organizational capacity for the DREAM Team and the City of Victor. Participation in the Main Street Program will continue to equip our community leaders and residents with the tools needed to realize just what the community is capable of, and a place that residents cherish and captivates visitors.

Please visit the City of Victor website to learn more, and follow the DREAM Team’s Progress on Facebook.

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