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Spotlight On…Castle Pines Technical Assistance

8 Mar

The City of Castle Pines requested Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) facilitate the development of a plan to balance a sense of place in a thriving community with economic prosperity and the ability to grow, without diminishing the quality of life and connection to community values that citizens have come to expect. The community requested a dialogue with stakeholder groups to examine potential courses of action to foster a broad, in-depth, community-driven process for short and long-term community and economic revitalization of the commercial centers to create a thriving environment for small, independent businesses and an attractive, long-term plan for sustaining larger anchor businesses.

As a recently incorporated city, the City of Castle Pines is evolving and has a great opportunity to continue to redevelop the community based on the existing image and character as well as incorporating the natural amenities along with the unique qualities that differentiate this community from the surrounding areas. A major focus of this exercise looked at the physical environment of the commercial district as it strives to become a walkable, attractive, gathering place for the community and how to build around the community’s use of this area in a sustainable and financially feasible approach.

The ensuing DCI technical assistance visit took place February 28, 29, and March 1, 2012. The team engaged different sectors of the community to better understand what the community would like to work on, areas for further exploration, to provide the community with a variety of options for enhancing the physical environment to be more user- and business-friendly, and to identify four potential funding streams to support the commercial district revitalization efforts.

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