Legislative Alert: Urban Renewal TIF Transparency Bill

10 Feb

Help Us Complete the Urban Renewal Impact Study
to Highlight Positive Urban Renewal Case Studies!

A proposed “Urban Renewal TIF Transparency” bill could be introduced with late bill status. If passed this bill would significantly increase reporting requirements. There are also discussions taking place about whether this bill is addressing a true need, if it would increase the red tape and regulations around urban renewal, and whether it would disproportionately impact small, rural communities.

What Can You Do?
Review the proposed legislation. Now is the perfect time to review this proposed legislation and contact your legislator to discuss how your urban renewal authority reports to the public through annual reporting, posting audited financials, and other means. To receive a copy of the latest version of the bill, please contact Mark Radtke at the Colorado Municipal League at mradtke@cml.org.

Complete the URA Survey for the URA Impact Report. This is also the time to promptly and accurately share your information with Downtown Colorado, Inc. DCI is again partnering with Ricker-Cunningham to collect and share the Urban Renewal Impact Report. URAs who completed this in 2011 have already received an updated survey form. If you received it, please complete it accurately and promptly so that we can begin the process of quantifying how valuable urban renewal is to Colorado. If you did not complete the survey last year, you will receive a new survey in the next two weeks. Once again, time is of the essence, so be sure to respond promptly. For any questions about the URA survey, please contact Anne Ricker at Ricker-Cunningham at anne@rickercunningham.com.

Send DCI your case studies. DCI has recently contacted all urban renewal authorities to request that you share your testimonials from small business and property owners and case studies of quality projects that could not have been completed without TIF. Please email director@downtowncoloradoinc.org to share your stories and help us promote you!


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